What is PVC Piping and Why is It So Often Used?

What is PVC Piping and Why is It So Often Used?Homeowners often want to know more about their homes and the materials used within them, but they don’t always know where to look. One of the topics we can cover at High Speed Plumbing is the use of PVC pipes. Not all homes have PVC pipes – some are made from metal, ceramic, cast iron, and other substances – but PVC pipes are a common choice for today’s installation purposes.

There are many benefits to these pipes. While we do no recommend them for all needs, they may be the right choice if you need re-piping or similar services. Keep reading to find out more about them, what they are made of, and why they are used. Then contact us at 1-888-958-1394 if you have questions or if you need residential plumbing services.

What is PVC Pipe?

Often used to carry high pressure water, PVC pipe is made from a combination of plastic and vinyl known as polyvinyl chloride. It is used in many plastics and is generally found in either white or gray colors. It can come in just about any size you can imagine, with connectors that commonly range anywhere from half an inch to four inches in diameter. PVC is a common choice for use as a main water supply line to a home but note that it cannot be used to carry hot water because the pipe will warp under these hot conditions.

The Many Benefits of PVC Pipes

One of the biggest advantages of using PVC pipes is the fact that they are so affordable. This material is also very easy to work with. Other advantages including the fact that it is very durable. The fact that it is so resistant to wear, coupled with the fact that it does not rust or rot, means that it can last for many years. It’s a great choice for water systems, underground plumbing, and sewer lines.

Just how long can it last? When it is properly installed, estimates are that it can last for upwards of 100 years. It cannot be easily bent, which helps it last so long, and it does not get moved the way that other pipe materials can. It can also withstand the potentially harmful effects of common bacteria.

Is PVC Pipe the Right Choice for Your Needs?

This will depend on a variety of factors, including what the pipe will be used for. As noted above, you cannot use PVC for hot water, which means it is not a good option in many instances. If you are repairing cracks or leaks in your current plumbing system, then you should use the same material as the rest of the pipes.

The good news is that when you work with High Speed Plumbing, we will go over all your options and ensure you are making the right choice. Call us now at 1-888-958-1394 to get started.