The 5 Worst Plumbing Disasters Residential Customers Can Deal Experience

The 5 Worst Plumbing Disasters Residential Customers Can Deal ExperienceEvery homeowner and businessowner would love to live in a world in which they never dealt with plumbing issues. The reality is that all pipes will need repairs or replacements at some point. No matter how diligent you may be, drains can get clogged. At High Speed Plumbing we offer both residential and commercial plumbing services for all types of plumbing issues, ranging from minor to major. Read on to learn about five of the worst plumbing disasters our residential (and commercial) clients can deal with. Then contact us at 1-888-958-1394 if you have an issue that needs attention.

  1. Frozen Pipes
  2. The good news for most of our clients is that you will likely never have to deal with frozen pipes. It takes extreme temperatures to freeze pipes, and thankfully we do not see these in Southern California. However, for those who do have to deal with frozen pipes, the results can be devastating. Pipes go through the entire home and if they freeze, cracks, leaks, and even full blowouts can occur. This can cost $1000s in needed repairs. Homeowners can work to reduce the chances that this happens by keeping their hit at 60 degrees or higher and by keeping their faucets on a slow drip whenever it gets extremely cold.

  3. Leaking Valves or Hidden Pipes
  4. Valves are often behind closed walls, which means that when they spring a leak homeowners may not know right away. This is why we recommend calling your local plumber if you notice that your floor is warmer or cooler than it should be, if your walls have stains or your paint is peeling. This can all be a sign that there is a leaking valve or pipe behind your walls.

  5. Slab Leaks
  6. Sometimes even worse than frozen pipes, slab leaks can cause serious issues. A slab leak happens within the foundation of a home and is most often caused by issues with sewer lines. The leak can be very hard to find, and even harder to repair, and it can eventually cause a home’s foundation to require repair. Signs of this issue include hearing water running when you cannot find the source. The good news is that at High Speed Plumbing we are well versed in locating and repairing slab leaks.

  7. Backflow Plumbing Disasters
  8. This is an issue involving contaminated water entering the drinking supply of your home. There are many potential causes but the results can be deadly. This is why we install backflow prevention systems that can help prevent this issue.

  9. Sewer Blockages
  10. There’s nothing good about a sewer blockage but when it’s coupled with a burst pipe or collapsed lines, the seriousness is even greater. If you smell sewage, you cannot get water out of your pipes, or you find that your toilet has less water than it usually does, then you may be dealing with a sewage block.