Toilet Repair & Replacement

Broken toilet? We’ll fix it at a fair and affordable price

The toilet is one of the single most important plumbing fixtures in your home. It deserves expert attention from plumbing professionals who truly care about your satisfaction.

You can rely on High Speed Plumbing for superior quality service whenever you need toilet repair or toilet replacement. Our highly experienced plumbers will get the job done right at a fair and affordable price.

We Fix All Kinds of Toilet Problems:

Clogged Toilets: Clogs are a very common problem that is easily fixed by a professional plumber. We can use a plunger or auger to clear clogs that are located in the drain trap of the toilet. We can also provide complete main line drain cleaning services in cases where blockages further down the pipes are affecting the toilet.

Running Toilets: If your toilet is running, there are a number of parts inside the tank to check, including the flapper, fill valve, and flapper ball or float ball. We can adjust or replace these parts as needed.

Leaky Toilet: If you often find water around the base of your toilet, the wax ring that fits between the toilet and the pipe probably needs to be replaced. You can rely on our plumbers to fix the problem without leaving a mess on your property.

Weak Flush: Older toilets can develop a weak or incomplete flush if the jet holes that feed water into the toilet bowl get clogged up with mineral scale, rust, or other residue. If a thorough cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, we may need to adjust the water level or timing of the flapper closing.

Wondering If It’s Time for a New Toilet?

You can trust High Speed Plumbing for honest advice when you’re wondering if it’s time to repair or replace your toilet. After examining your toilet, we’ll advise you of its condition. If a repair is needed, we’ll tell you the cost of the necessary repair and give you an estimate of how long the repair should last. From there, you can decide if you want to repair your old toilet or simply install a new one. If you choose toilet replacement, we can recommend several excellent new models and provide quick and careful installation service.

Toilet Emergency?

Don’t forget, we offer 24/7 emergency service. So if your toilet is in urgent need of service, do not hesitate to call us at 626-890-0185 now to get an experienced plumber sent to your property ASAP.