Slab Leak Repair

High Speed Plumbing provides affordable slab leak repair options

Have you noticed any of the following problems on your property?

  • Mysterious sounds of running or dripping water
  • Bigger water bills
  • Low water pressure
  • Mold growth
  • High indoor humidity
  • Wet floors or carpets
  • Foundation shifts/cracks in walls or flooring

You could have a slab leak within or beneath the foundation of your home. These leaks may be caused by age-related pipe corrosion, vibration damage, water pressure problems, ground shifting, or construction errors.

Slab leaks have the potential to be a real nightmare for a homeowner. It is essential to hire an experienced slab leak repair contractor ASAP to limit the damage that the leak is causing on your property.

Let High Speed Plumbing Come to Your Rescue

At High Speed Plumbing, we have ample experience in slab leak repair. We can provide high-quality service at every step, from pinpointing the leak with professional leak detection equipment to providing the appropriate repair to cleaning up afterward. We always strive to complete slab leak repair in the least invasive way possible, with low-dig or no-dig solutions that will minimize damage and disruption to your property.

We Give You Affordable Options

Depending on the specifics of your particular situation, there may be multiple options for slab leak repair:

  • Spot Repair: If your pipe has a single leaky spot but is otherwise in good condition, we can open up the slab right at the leak and fix that section of pipe.
  • Repiping: In situations where extensive damage, corrosion, or old age make it likely that new slab leaks will be springing up in the near future, you’re typically better off replacing the entire pipe.
  • Pipe Rerouting: Often, the simplest solution is to reroute the water line that is leaking so that it no longer goes through the slab. Whether or not this is practical may depend on the layout and construction of your property.

You can rely on High Speed Plumbing to carefully inspect your pipes before we make our recommendation. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each option with you along with the costs and then let you make the decision.

Call Now for Emergency Service

If you suspect you have a slab leak, please do not hesitate to call us at 626-890-0185. We offer emergency slab leak diagnostics and repair 24/7.