Gas Leak Detection & Repair

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We find and fix gas leaks to keep your property safe

A gas leak of any size is a very serious matter. If you think you caught a whiff of that sulfur-like gas odor, you definitely need to call a qualified professional such as High Speed Plumbing.

But remember…

…you can’t rely on your sense of smell alone when it comes to gas leaks.

Other signs of a gas leak in or around your property include:

  • Hissing or blowing sounds near gas lines or gas-powered appliances
  • Dead or brown vegetation over a gas line in your yard
  • Bubbling in wet areas of your yard
  • Dirt blowing from a hole in the ground

If you smell gas or notice any of the above issues, play it safe and call High Speed Plumbing immediately.

We Provide Professional Gas Leak Detection

At High Speed Plumbing, we utilize state of the art equipment for gas leak detection. Our highly trained plumbers know exactly how to use this equipment safely to pinpoint the location of gas leaks of all sizes. We can even find leaks that are so small you cannot smell them.

Trust Us for Quality Gas Leak Repair

Because gas leaks present the danger of explosion or asphyxiation, naturally you want to feel confident that the contractor you hire for gas leak repair is going to fix the problem correctly on the first visit. High Speed Plumbing can give you this confidence. We can provide quality repair service for any part of your gas line that may be leaking, whether the problem is a loose connection or a hole in your gas line. Our affordable flat rate pricing and financing options make it easy to get this important repair taken care of ASAP.

Call us at 626-890-0185 today for emergency gas leak detection and repair.