Clogged Toilets

No clog is too tough for our experienced plumbers

A clogged toilet can be a real nightmare, especially if you end up with dirty water overflowing the bowl and getting all over the bathroom floor. Fortunately, you can rely on High Speed Plumbing for a fast, effective, and affordable solution.

Before You Call, Try This:

Depending on where the clog is located and how bad it is, you may be able to clear it yourself. Here’s what to do:
  1. Find your plunger. Hopefully you have a flange plunger, which has a little extra rubber piece at the bottom of the rubber cup that fits down into the drain trap of the toilet. This type of plunger is best for fixing clogged toilets.
  2. Make sure the toilet bowl is about half full of water. You may have to scoop some water out or pour some extra in. If you need to add water, make it hot water. This can help break up some types of clogs.
  3. Run your plunger under hot water to make sure the rubber is nice and pliable so it can make a good seal.
  4. Stick the plunger in the toilet bowl, making sure to form a good seal. Plunge up and down a few times, then try flushing the toilet. Keep your hand on the flapper in the toilet tank so you can push it down and cut off the water if it looks like the toilet is going to overflow. Repeat until the toilet flushes normally.

It may be time to invest in repiping. Ground movement, water pressure, mineral buildup, tree root intrusion, or even simple old age can leave your pipes weak and vulnerable to failure. By replacing old, weak, or damaged pipes before they have a chance to fail completely, you can prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your property and avoid the stress of an emergency burst pipe situation.

Still Need Help?

If plunging the toilet didn’t fix the clog—or if you prefer not to attempt this yourself—don’t worry. High Speed Plumbing is here for you. Our experienced plumbers will come to your property ASAP and we won’t leave until we’ve got your toilet working again.

A Clogged Toilet Could Be a Symptom of a Larger Problem

Most of the time, clogged toilets are caused by somebody flushing something that they shouldn’t. For example, someone may have flushed a feminine hygiene product or a child might have decided to send some of their toys for a ride. However, in some cases a clogged toilet can be a sign of a larger problem with your drains and/or your sewer line. If you notice water bubbling up in the shower drain or sink drain when you flush, you definitely need professional help. Call us and we’ll be happy to take a closer look and recommend an appropriate solution.

Clogged Toilet Emergency? Call Now

If you have a clogged toilet that you need fixed immediately, just call us at 626-890-0185. We offer 24/7 emergency service every day of the year and we will send a skilled plumber to your aid right away.