Drain Cleaning in Sierra Madre CA

Got a clog? We have affordable flat rate pricing on all kinds of drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA

Pipes carry much more than water and waste. Hair, soap scum, food scraps, paper towels, and other debris that end up in your pipes may get stuck and cause a clog over time. Whether you have just noticed a certain fixture starting to drain slowly or you have a drain backing up into your home, a clog is the likely culprit. It’s time for Drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA.

Don’t Try to Clear the Clog Yourself!

Get Professional Drain Cleaning in Sierra Madre CA

You might be tempted to try to clear the clog yourself using a plunger or chemical drain cleaner. However, the truth is that DIY drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA is seldom effective. When you call High Speed Plumbing for drain cleaning, you don’t have to worry about common DIY mistakes. We will clear the clog completely (not partially like chemicals sometimes do), without damaging your pipes and fixtures or exposing your property to harmful chemicals and fumes.

We Clear All Kinds of Clogs

At High Speed Plumbing, we have the skills and equipment needed to clear any kind of clog quickly and effectively. We work on:

• Sinks

• Tubs

• Toilets

• Showers

• Floor drains

• Main line sewer cleanouts

After taking a look at your drain, and possibly putting a camera in your pipes to pinpoint the location of the clog, we’ll create a plan for removing the blockage quickly and completely. Many small clogs that are located near drains can be cleared using a plumbing snake. We also have hydrojetting equipment for clearing main line drain clogs as well as for removing sludge and scale that can cause slow draining.

Preventative Maintenance is Key

In order to avoid a situation where a blockage in your main line sewer drain has all of the drains in your home or business backing up, preventative maintenance is essential. Ask us about hydrojetting for routine drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA. This service is effective in removing all kinds of debris and it is safe for all kinds of pipes.

Call Now for Fast and Affordable Service

There are no hidden fees or surprise charges when you use High Speed Plumbing for your drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA. We have a flat rate pricing system and we will give you a fair and accurate quote before beginning work. Our main line drain cleaning service comes with a 90-day guarantee for your peace of mind.

Remember, we are here for you 24/7. Just dial 1-888-958-1394 to request drain cleaning in Sierra Madre CA.