Tankless Water Heater in Claremont CA

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Do you have a tankless water heater in Claremont CA that is in need of repair or maintenance? Are you just starting to think about upgrading your traditional unit to a tankless one? Or are you interested in just learning more about the technology and energy savings of these innovative units? Whatever your needs are today, if they pertain to tankless water heaters you have come to the right place. Contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 now to request your free in-home estimate.

Check Out 4 of the Reasons People Are Glad They Switched to a Tankless Water Heater in Claremont CA

After working with these appliances for many years, we have heard from many people what they love most about their tankless water heaters. Here’s what they say:

  1. They don’t run out of hot water. When you use a traditional heater, you will be out of luck when you run out of hot water. This is not the case with a tankless water heater in Claremont CA – as long as you have the right size for your needs, you will not run out of hot water.
  2. They save an average of 30% on their utility bills. The energy.gov website estimates that the average tankless until can improve energy efficiency by around 30% compared to a traditional heater. Why? Because there is no standby loss as there is with a traditional unit – water is heated only when you need it.
  3. Their units have lasted much longer than expected. A tankless system can last for a decade or more longer than a traditional water heater.
  4. They have lots of extra space. Traditional units take up a huge amount of space – that is not the case with a tankless unit. Tankless water heaters in Claremont CA take up just a few feet and can be mounted to the wall so you don’t lose precious floor space.

What will be your favorite reason for switching to a hot water heater?

Is a Tankless Water Heater in Claremont CA the Best Option for Every Home?

Simply put, no. As is true of most appliances, there are both pros and cons to a tankless water heater. The main drawbacks are that they generally cost more upfront and though that money will eventually be recouped via lower energy bills, that will take years. If you are considering a tankless water heater you can trust High Speed Plumbing to offer honest advice and to cover both the pros and the cons for your unique situation.

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Whatever your needs are as they relate to your tankless water heater in Claremont CA, whether you need maintenance, repair, service, programing or anything else, we are here to help. Call High Speed Plumbing now at 1-888-958-1394 for your free in-home estimate.