Pipe Maintenance Can Keep Your Plumbing in Top Shape for Years to Come

Pipe Maintenance Can Keep Your Plumbing in Top Shape for Years to ComeWhat type of maintenance do you regularly perform on the pipes in your home? Whether they are water, sewer, or gas pipes, they should be maintained, yet many homeowners don’t know what they should be doing or how to get it done. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve maintained your home, you can start now. Learn why it’s so important, how High Speed Plumbing can help, and what to expect. Then call us at 1-888-958-1394 for help with pipe maintenance.

Pipe maintenance will save you money in the long run

The main reason to choose to maintain your pipes is that it can reduce the chance that you will have a plumbing emergency in the future. Maintenance includes inspecting your pipes, making proactive repairs that fix minor issues before they become major (expensive) issues, and drain cleaning. We can work on pipes made from any material, including concrete, copper, terra cotta, cast iron, PEX, PVC, or clay.

We offer a wide range of pipe maintenance services

There are a number of pipe maintenance services that are available to you. The right options for your home will vary based on your pipes, their current state, and other issues. Some of the most common pipe maintenance services including drain cleaning, burst pipe repair, repiping, and hydrojetting – all of which we can help you with.

Drain cleaning isn’t just for a clogged drain

If you think about drain cleaning as a solution to a problem then you are only thinking of part of the purpose – it can also be used as preventative maintenance to prevent problems in the future. We can perform drain cleaning on toilets, showers, sinks, floor drains, and others. It can clean out any sludge, hair, mineral scale, roots, grease, and other buildup inside that could cause serious damage in the future.

Repiping can make a huge difference

Part of maintenance is inspecting your pipes. If we find that your pipes have been corroded, severely damaged, or are otherwise leak prone, then we may need to repipe your home. There are a wide range of materials open for this purpose and the good news is that you can prevent the most costlier water damage that often comes with burst pipes.

We can perform emergency pipe repairs including burst pipe repair

If the pipes have burst, we can help with that too. Remember that if you do not have it taken care of quickly, your plumbing could end up entirely out of commission and you could have significant water damage. On the other hand, at High Speed Plumbing, we can come to you quickly, at any hour of the day or night, and fix your pipes.

Whether you have a serious issue today or you want to prevent one tomorrow, we welcome your call at 1-888-958-1394. We are a veteran-owned and operated company dedicated to providing exceptional service to every client.