Learn How Your Commercial Plumbing Issues Could Be Costing Your Company Money Every Month

Learn How Your Commercial Plumbing Issues Could Be Costing Your Company Money Every Month

There’s no such thing as a good commercial plumbing issue, but some are worse than others. In fact, some commercial plumbing issues can cost you money every month. Keep reading to find out what they are, how to tell if you have these issues, and how High Speed Plumbing can help. Then contact us at 1-888-958-1394 to set up an appointment.

Low Water Pressure Can Cost You Money

If your business involves operating showers, a dishwashing machine, or has mandatory hand-washing stations, then low water pressure is not a lot of fun – but it can also be costing you money. If it is too low, your customers may notice and complain. Your kitchen workers may have to work extra hours to get dishes, pans, etc., as clean as they would have been with one pass through a high-pressure dishwasher.

The Cost of Clogged Drains Adds Up

If you have a floor that is always wet due to a clogged drain, then you could be losing out on the best employees or customers, depending on the nature of your business. The good news is that you can fix simple clogged drains on your own. Pouring a solution of vinegar and water, then running hot water down the drain, can rinse out minor clogs. To prevent future clogs, install drain traps that prevent debris from getting into your drains.

If the simple methods do not work then it is worth calling High Speed Plumbing for professional help. Remember that these issues are not going to go away on their own – and they are only going to get more expensive to fix. Call us sooner rather than later for the most affordable, least intrusive means of unclogging your drains.

Keep an Eye Out for Silent Leaks

As the name implies, a silent leak cannot be heard. Unfortunately, it can be felt via higher water bills every month. The best way to find out you have a silent leak is to be aware of the average water bill for your property. If you see a spike that doesn’t coincide with a change in your business, then you may be dealing with a silent leak.

If you let this go by without repair, it could result in very high bills. It could also cause serious damage to your property if the first sing you notice is a serious issue.

We Can Help Find the Cause of Your Creeping Water Bills

If you are worried that your water bills are higher than they should be, we can come take a look. We may be able to find leaks you haven’t found, recommend water-saving options, and provide maintenance that can help your business stop losing money and wasting water. Call High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 to get started.