Is Your Toilet Flushing Slowly? Learn 4 Possible Reasons and Their Solutions

Is Your Toilet Flushing Slowly? Learn 4 Possible Reasons and Their SolutionsIs there anything more frustrating than a toilet that flushes slowly? This can be an inconvenience and can lead to higher water bills. The good news is that you don’t have to live with a toilet that flushes slowly. Read on to learn about four reasons it may be doing that, then contact High Speed Plumbing for toilet repair or replacement.

  1. There is Not Enough Water in Your Tank
  2. Every time you flush your toilet, you are moving water from the toilet tank into the bowl of the toilet. When you introduce all the water at once, it creates a downward suction you know as the flush. However, if there isn’t adequate water in the tank then the suction will not occur. Instead of the flush you want, you’ll get a slow, weak one.

    The ideal is to have your tank fill up with water until it’s about ½ inch below the drain pipe. If it is not filling up enough then there may be a few things happening, including low water pressure, issues with your fill valves, or problems with trip assembly. Your local plumber can repair any of these issues.

  3. There May Be Mineral Build-Up Around the Toilet’s Jet Holes
  4. The holes on the underside of the rim of your toilet are known as jet holes. Water shots from the them when you flush. These are small, out of sight holes that can easily be forgotten about, but if they are not cleaned and mineral build-up occurs, the water can be slowed – which could slow down your flush.

    To clean this issue, take a soft stiff bristle toile brush and break up buildup with distilled white vinegar. Start by spraying the build-up and then letting it sit for half an hour. Then use the brush to get rid of the build-up.

  5. There May Be an Issue with the Flapper Valve
  6. The rubber stopper at the bottom of your toilet bowl, known as the flapper valve, covers the passage that goes from your toilet tank to the bowl. When you push down on the toilet handle, you’re lifting this flapper and uncovering the passage. Water can flow from the tank to the bowl through it, which triggers the flush.

    Over time, the flapper valve can wear out. If that happens, the passage may not be covered, which allows water to leak from the tank to the bowl and will weaken the flush.

  7. You May Have a Clogged Drain
  8. Any appliance in your home that uses water can be affected by a clogged drain. A clogged drain can happen slowly over time as buildup occurs, or quickly when one particular thing clogs up the drain.

If you are tired of a slow-flushing toilet, contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 to make an appointment with a plumbing expert.