Is Your Hot Water Taking Forever to Get Hot? Learn What’s Causing the Delay

Is Your Hot Water Taking Forever to Get Hot? Learn What’s Causing the DelayWhen you turn on the hot water, you want the hot water to turn on relatively quickly but what when it doesn’t? How do you keep the water warm and flowing? At High Speed Plumbing we are happy to come take a look and see what the issue is. In the meantime, you can learn more about this problem, the common causes, and the potential fixes.

Potential Reasons Your Hot Water Isn’t Get Hot Fast Enough

There are a number of reasons that could be leading to your hot water issue, including:

  • Distance. The further away a faucet is from your hot water heater, the longer it will take for the hot water to get there.
  • Low volume restrictor. If you have a low volume restrictor installed, it can cause a delay in when the water is delivered. This is most common on showers.
  • Your water heater is falling. At the end of your water heater’s lifespan, it is likely to fail completely or, at a minimum, become less effective at heating water.
  • Sediment has built up in your water heater. If you have hard water, it can leave mineral deposits in your water heater. This can cause issues with performance.

The best way to find out why you’re not getting hot water very fast is to contact a local plumber who can diagnose the situation for you. You can reach High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394.

A Tankless Water Heater May Be the Solution

If there isn’t a specific issue with your water heater, then it may be that it simply isn’t up to the challenge of supplying your home with hot water. If this is the case, then it may be worth installing a tankless water heater. This provides you with on-demand hot water without having to wait for it to heat up.

You’ll also pay less for hot water because you won’t be heating water unless you need it. Compare this to a tank heater which heats up water continuously whether it is being used or not. If you have a larger home, you can install several tankless water heaters so that each section of your home has instant access to hot water whenever you need it.

We Can Help Get You Back into Hot Water

Now is a great time to get help with this problem. You do not have to take a cold shower, you do not have to live without hot water. Contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 and we will find the right solution for your unique needs.