Do You Have Questions About Slab Leak Repair? Get the Answers You Need Today

Do You Have Questions About Slab Leak Repair? Get the Answers You Need Today

You may have heard the term slab leak repair used but been unsure of what exactly it means. At High Speed Plumbing we are happy to answer any questions you have when you call us at 1-888-958-1394. In the meantime, keep reading for answers to common questions.

How Can I Tell if I Have a Slab Leak?

Due to the fact that slab leaks happen under the foundation of your home, it may be hard to know when one is happening. Some of the most common signs you should look out for include wet spots on the floor, cold and hot water leaks, cracked floors or walls, hearing running water when no water is running, increase in utility bill, hot water coming out when you turn on the cold faucet, or a humming noise from the pipes. If you notice one or more of these then it may be time to contact your local plumber.

Does Finding a Slab Leak Require Digging into My Yard?

It used to but we have the latest in scanning and identifying equipment that makes it easy to find the leaks without any digging – generally speaking. There are of course more complex issues in which digging may be required or even the best equipment cannot locate the leak. However, we will always keep you updated and informed about the status of your leak and will not dig without express permission.

How Long Should I Expect it to Take to Repair a Slab Leak

In most cases, we can have it repaired in a day or less. Of course, there are situations that may take longer but they are rare. Once again, we will always keep you updated so that you know what to expect and how the process is moving forward.

What Does it Cost to Repair a Slab Leak?

That depends largely on how we need to fix it. The least intrusive options are more affordable, but at the end of the day it is the location of the leak and how much damage it has already caused that will determine the cost. You will get an estimate before we begin work. Note that the longer you leave your leak, the more expensive it is likely to get to repair.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost of Slab Leak Repairs?

It may – it depends on your insurance policy. You will need to contact them to find out what your policy covers. They will give you the details on what is covered, how much is covered, and other information that you will need.

If you are ready to find out for sure if you are dealing with a slab leak then we welcome your call to High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394.