Do or Don’t: Which of These Shower Maintenance Ideas Are Good and Which Ones Should Be Flushed Down the Drain?

Do or Don’t: Which of These Shower Maintenance Ideas Are Good and Which Ones Should Be Flushed Down the Drain?

One of the issues we find with shower maintenance is that many people are not sure of what they should do and what they should be avoiding. Keep reading to get shower maintenance dos and don’ts from High Speed Plumbing. If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment, call us at 1-888-958-1394.

Covering the Drain? Do

It is likely your shower came with a strainer to keep hair and other debris out of your pipes. It is also likely that this strainer is not sufficient. If your strainer has holes, gaps, slots, or anything else that lets debris get through, then you should have an extra cover. So many things can fall into your shower drain, from hair to body care products to razors to toothpaste caps – the list goes on. One of these will not likely cause issues, but as time goes on they can clog your drain.

Unclogging the Shower Yourself? Don’t

If you notice that your shower is sluggish in draining or that it backs up while you are using it, do not try the DIY approaches you see at your local hardware store. In the long term, the best value comes from calling your local plumber. It may seem on the surface that all you need to do is pour some drain cleaning liquid down the drain, but this could cost you in the long-run.

The chemicals used in these concoctions can damage your pipes and can cause corrosion. When you also consider they often do not get the job done, it is easy to see that they are not the right choice. Even when they do work, they only address the symptoms of the problem – not the problem itself .

Cleaning Your Shower Often? Do

While hair and debris are top causes of clogs, they are not the only causes. Soap, shampoos, and conditioners can coat the interior of your plumbing. Eventually, this can lead to the drain moving so slow that it may stop altogether. When you clean your shower on a regular basis, you can reduce this soapy buildup. We suggest a nonabrasive cleaning solution or product. Make sure you are not using a shower cleaner that will add a film or residue.

Ignoring Hard Water? Don’t

Hard water is full of minerals. When your water has an excess of magnesium or calcium, it can leave a residue in both your shower and your pipes. This can eventually cause clogs or slow down your shower drain. If you believe this is an issue, then you should contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394. We will evaluate your water and your pipes, then recommend the right action to fix the issue.