Dealing with a Clogged Dishwasher? Find Common Causes and Expert Help

Dealing with a Clogged Dishwasher? Find Common Causes and Expert HelpDishwashers, when they run perfectly, are wonderful but when they’re not, it can be a real pain. At High Speed Plumbing we are always happy to come out and take a look if your dishwasher needs repairs. If it is something simple and you feel confident taking it on yourself, consider these common causes for clogs and our best advice on what to do about them.

Your Dishwasher’s Filter May Be Clogged

If your dishwasher will not drain, look at the lower filters. You should be able to find them near the sump, which is the lowest point in your dishwasher. The job of the sump is to collect and drain water – that is, that’s its job if it’s working correctly. You will find two filters. One is a fine mesh one and one is a bigger basket. If you find that the filters have too much residue, you may need to change them. Otherwise, you can simply clean them with soapy water.

You May Have Clogged Hoses

Near the filter basket described above, there is a drain hose. It is the way that your dishwasher drains water. It should connect to your sink. If you have very dirty dishes, the residue that is removed from them can build up in this hose. If there is something blocking it, clear it out.

The Issue May Be an Air Gap in Your Drain Hose

The hose that is connected to your drain may have an air gap in it. This air gap may be preventing backflow when draining is taking place. As is true of any other part of your dishwasher, it is possible for debris to build up here within the cap. You may miss it and not even notice it unless you are looking for. The good news is that cleaning it out is simple: Remove the cover (which can generally be done with just a screwdriver) and clean out any debris you see.

There May Be a Deeper Plumbing Issue

If the above don’t fix the issue then it is likely an issue that is much bigger than just a clogged drain. This could involve an issue with the dishwasher itself, or you could have a more serious plumbing issue. If there is a blockage in the pipe or line leading up to your dishwasher, you will need the help of an experienced plumber.

To find out what the issues with your dishwasher are, contact a plumber today. We will carefully assess the situation and offer options based on what we find. We look forward to helping you get more usage from your dishwasher.