Can You Fix It Yourself or Should You Call for Help from a Plumber?

 Can You Fix It Yourself or Should You Call for Help from a Plumber?No one wants to call a plumber. Everyone would prefer to fix their plumbing issues themselves, yet this is not always an option. At High Speed Plumbing we know that some of our clients can fix minor issues. We also know that too many homeowners try to fix things on their own, or simply wait to see if an issue will get worse, and the problem ends up bigger and more expensive.

This is why we are offering you a simple guide to a when you should call a plumber. You know to call a plumber if you have a plumbing emergency, but these are three less obvious signs that it is time to call us right away. If you notice any of them in your home, contact us at 1-888-958-1394 today.

Call a Plumber if There is a Noticeable Shift in the Quality or Pressure of Your Water

If you notice that your water pressure is suddenly much worse than it used to be, then it is likely you have a leak or other serious plumbing issue. It could be a leak, your pipes could be dirty, or there could be a break in somewhere else in your plumbing system. Regardless, if there are shifts in the quality of pressure of your water, then we recommend calling us for help right away because you simply do not have the tools or resources to accurately diagnose the problem.

Call a Plumber if Your Water Bills Have Gone Up Suddenly

If you invite your sister and there four children to stay with you for the summer, then it should come as no surprise that your water bill will go up significantly. However, if you have made no such drastic changes and your water bill is changing anyway, then there is likely a problem somewhere. The most common issue that causes this is a leak within your plumbing system. Left without repairs, you could have a much bigger and more expensive issue on your hands.

Call a Plumber if Your Plunger Won’t Fix a Clog

You can stop by your hardware store and find all sorts of tools and chemicals that claim they can get rid of any clogs you may have in your home. The best case scenario with these products is that they may provide a temporary fix that will simply need to be addressed again in weeks or months. The worst-case scenario is that they could cause permanent, expensive damage to your plumbing system. Try to clear the clog with a plunger. If that doesn’t work, contact a plumber.

At High Speed Plumbing we strive to provide fast, effective services for competitive prices. If you are dealing with a plumbing issue then we hope you will contact us at 1-888-958-1394 so that we can help you find the right solution and cure for the issue.