Are Your Drains Making Strange Noises? Learn What Different Sounds May Mean

Are Your Drains Making Strange Noises? Learn What Different Sounds May Mean

It is easy to turn a blind eye – or ear – to strange noises coming from our drains. You may assume they are normal and nothing to worry about. You may be right, but in some cases noises are the first sign that there is a larger issue to deal with. Keep reading to get an idea of what some of the sounds you hear may mean, and contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 if you need a high speed plumber.

Potential Causes of Gurgling Coming from Your Pipes

Any drain in your home can gurgle. The cause could be deep inside your fixtures or it could be on the surface. The most common cause of gurgles is air trapped in the drains but we must go a step further to determine how the air was stuck there and how we can treat the underlying issue. Common causes of air becoming trapped in pipes include vent issues, sewer gasses not being properly regulated, and a clogged drain.

Potential Fixes for Gurgling Problems

The best way to repair this issue will, of course, depend on the specific cause. If you hear your sink gurgling then it may be time to clean or repair the interior vent of the fixture. If you have several fixtures gurgling throughout the home, then it could be an issue with the main vent. If you suspect that sewer gas is the issue then replacing your backflow regulator will likely solve the problem. You can always call on High Speed Plumbing for additional help.

Potential Causes and Fixes for Trickles and Drips

While many people assume that any drip sound means there is a leak, this is not always the case – sometimes water is tricking from inside a drain and it sounds like dripping. This could be caused by water supply leaks, drain leaks, pipe issues, and others. This is something you will want to talk to a plumber about and not handle on your own.

In order to fix trickles and drips, your plumber must find the source. They will generally use a thermal camera that can use temperature differences to determine areas inside your walls are damp and which are dry. Once the leak has been located, we can repair it. This can make rerouting a pipe, fixing a drain, or replacing the entire water supply line.

If you hear a sound from your drain that does not sound like it should be happening, if you are worried about what it may mean for you, then we welcome your call to at 1-888-958-1394. We are happy to help you find the best fix for your particular plumbing issue.