Are You Dealing with Water That’s Turned a Strange Color? Learn What the Problem May Be

Are You Dealing with Water That’s Turned a Strange Color? Learn What the Problem May Be

If you have water coming out of your faucet and it is not clear then you should be concerned. It may be that your water source is compromised or it could be that you have a plumbing issue that requires the top plumber in the area. Read on to learn about some of the colors your water could turn and what it likely means, then contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 if you are in need of the help of a plumber.

What Orange, Red, or Brown Water Means

If your water is a reddish-brown when it comes out of your pipes then it likely caused by an excess of manganese or iron. The most common way this happens is by the water traveling through rusty pipes. The darker the color is, the more oxidation has likely happened.

If you drink water that has rust in it, it may not be dangerous to your health but it could harm you in other ways. It can stain your tub, shower, and even your clothing when you’re doing your laundry. It’s also off-putting to look at or cook with. In short, if you have rust in your pipes that is turning your water a reddish color then it is time for pipe maintenance.

What Pink Water Means

This can be quite startling but bright pink water is not as scary as you may think. It is likely caused by potassium permanganate, which is a chemical that is used to treat and protect water in municipal water plants. It gets rid of bad things like bacterial growth. If you see pink water, just let it run for a few minutes. It will likely stop looking pink within a matter of seconds. If it continues then you should contact your water supplier to let them know there is a build-up.

What Green Water Means

It is most likely algae in your water. This can happen naturally but will only actually change the color of your water if there is a blockage or clog where it is building up. If you notice that your water looks green then you should call a plumber. We can find the stoppage and get it cleared out.

What Black Water Means

This is the most serious of all potential colors. There are two reasons your water might be black and neither of them is good: You have a problem with mold or you have a problem with sewage. Either way, your water is dangerous and professional help is absolutely needed.

At High Speed Plumbing we are proud to provide emergency plumbing services along with our general plumbing services. You can call us at 1-888-958-1394 any time to get the help you need so you can once again safely drink your water.