7 Tips That Can Help You Get the Most from Your Garbage Disposal

7 Tips That Can Help You Get the Most from Your Garbage DisposalGarbage disposals can help make kitchen cleanup easier – as long as they are working correctly. If you are having garbage disposal issues, you can contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 for prompt, affordable service. Otherwise, keep reading to learn seven tips that can help you get the most from your unit.

  1. Know What Your Garbage Disposal is Used Forc

    The best thing you can do to avoid the need for emergency garbage disposal repair is not put things down the garbage disposal that shouldn’t go there. Remember that your disposal is made only to grind food scraps. Do not put animal bones, fat, oil, plastic, metal – anything but small food scraps.

  2. Break Up Anything Large Before Grinding

    If you have large food scraps, break them up before you put them down the disposal. This will help make grinding them easier and reduce the chance of damaging your garbage disposal.

  3. Clean Your Disposal on a Regular Basis

    This does not involve sticking your hand down your disposal. Simply pour a little bit of soap down it, run hot water, and run the disposal once a week. This helps prevent debris from gathering and it can also help prevent smells from building. You can also try grinding up citrusy fruits to freshen up the smell even further.

  4. Never Use Drain Cleaners in Your Disposal

    The chemicals used in drain cleaners can cause serious damage to your garbage disposal. If you are dealing with a clog that can’t be fixed by trying the below listed options, then it is time to contact a plumber for help. Using drain cleaners can actually cause more damage to your disposal.

  5. Try Hand-Cracking Jams in Your Disposal

    If your disposal is stuck and will not turn, try using an Allen wrench into the slot at the bottom of your garbage disposal to move the unit around. This will manually crank the blades and can help free up the clog.

  6. Know What the Reset Button Can Do

    Your garbage disposal has a reset button on the bottom of it. If an error occurs, this button may be tripped. Essentially, it will pop up. If this happens then the disposal will not run again until the button is pressed back down. Check to see if it is popped. If it is, just press it and try to run the disposal again.

  7. Use Great Caution with Your Garbage Disposal

    If you drop something down into your disposal that should not be there, exercise great caution before retrieving it. Unplug the disposal before you put anything into the disposal to try and retrieve the object. Use plyers or a bent coat hanger to get the object out. Never put your hand down the drain.