4 Ways We Can Protect Your Pipes by Using Sewer Camera Inspections

4 Ways We Can Protect Your Pipes by Using Sewer Camera InspectionsThe latest in plumbing technology can make it more affordable and less inconvenient to keep sewer lines in great working order. One great example is sewer camera inspections. Keep reading to learn about four different ways this technology could help protect your pipes. Then contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 and we can get started.

  1. We Can Find a Water Leak or Water Break
  2. If there are signs that you are dealing with a water leak, but you cannot find the cause, sewer camera inspections are a great option. You may have signs that help you discover where the water is coming from your pipes, but that doesn’t necessarily give you the exact location that is in need of repair – but a sewer camera can.

    If you leave a water leak or break untreated, you can end up with very costly problems including damage to your pipes, water damage to your home, and increased costs of your monthly utilities.

  3. We Can Eliminate the Need to Dig or Guess
  4. Even digging a small hole in your lawn can be an inconvenience, but when it comes to sewer lines, it’s more likely that a three-foot trench would have to be dug if your plumber cannot figure out where the leak or obstruction is. That is, unless they use a sewer inspection camera. This is a much less intrusive option that gets rid of the cost and inconvenience of digging in your yard or simply guessing at where the problem is.

  5. We Can Determine What Condition Your Pipes Are In
  6. Your pipes are deep within your home and you cannot easily see inside them. We do not recommend waiting for a burst pipe to find out that there is an issue with your plumbing. The good news is that we can help prevent that by using our camera inspection equipment. It is the best non-intrusive way to find out what condition your pipes are. It’s also wise to complete before buying a new home so that you know what you’re buying and what future issues are likely to include.

  7. You Will Have a Reference Video
  8. There are a number of reasons that you may need a reference video to show the quality of your pipes. It may be for your own reference, or for insurance purposes. When you have video, you will have proof of the exact condition of your pipes and sewer lines. This is much better than the estimate you could get based on outlying factors.

If you are ready for us to closely inspect your pipes and let you know the state of your plumbing, contact High Speed Plumbing at 1-888-958-1394 today.