2 Signs it May Be time to Upgrade Your Home’s Irrigation System

 2 Signs it May Be time to Upgrade Your Home’s Irrigation SystemDo you know how long ago your home’s irrigation system was installed? If you don’t then it is likely time to replace it. Nothing last forever, especially these complicated systems. They have many moving parts, many things that can bend or break, and in many cases issues may arise slowly, which makes it harder to notice they have happened.

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  1. You Have Significantly Changed the Landscaping at Your Home

    Irrigation systems are installed carefully and specifically based on the landscaping of a home. A specific number of sprinklers are installed, and they are installed in very deliberate places. If you have changed your home’s landscaping, then it is likely that your irrigation system is not designed correctly anymore.

    When we talk about landscaping changes, we mean things like adding flower beds, replacing plants with newer ones, planting a veggie garden, expanding the square footage of your yard, reducing the yard space by adding a patio, walkway, etc., or clearing away brush, plants, old trees, etc. Any and all of these steps can impact how well your irrigation system is working and require changes to it.

  2. The Irrigation System in Your Home is More than 5 Years Old

    We live in a time in which technology quickly catches up with itself. Just five years ago, the irrigation systems available were not particularly efficient and could not be programed with the same technology that today’s units can be. Wek now that you cannot keep up with these systems every time they are upgraded, but upgrading today could pay for itself faster than you think.

    If your irrigation was installed more than five years ago, look at how much money you are spending each time you use it. It is very likely that upgrading it or replacing it could save you a significant amount on your water bill, while also offer optimal services. The process could pay for itself within a matter of months or just a few years.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Irrigation System for Your Home

In drought conditions, you want to use as little water as possible to keep your landscaping looking great. The best way to get the targeted watering you need is through an irrigations system. You can contact High Speed Plumbing now at 1-888-958-1394 to learn more about the options we have available for you.